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Daily life can create a rhythm that carries on in the background. We the artists create a collaborative framework that asks participants to take notice of their environment and connection to one another. During artist-led workshops participants take photos, write poetry, compose music, make art  or record video that captures moments in their lives. The final event celebrates the multimedia showcase with the community in a free public setting.

Our first iteration of Belonging began with a National Endowment for the Arts “Our Towns” grant for the community engagement art project The Temperament of Space @ Yonkers. Over five weeks we conducted free  workshops to create a multimedia portrait of Yonkers.

The interactive installation of video, photography, sound, and poetry artworks was seen by hundreds at a centrally located library's large community room.

Belonging a prototype of the Yonkers interactive installation with responsove video layers.

Sound design

Belonging - Theme song
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The Temperament of Space @ Yonkers, Riverfront branch of Yonkers Library,2015

Change a film for The Temperament of Space @ Yonkers by Diane Mitchell and Marko Gosar.

Additional Videos
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