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Dynamic scenes of the travertine waterfalls in Croatia’s Krka National Park are displayed on wall high panels in this mesmerizing multimedia environment. Transience reminds that no matter where the present moment finds us, life - like the ever-flowing nature of water - swirls past us in perpetual motion. When we learn to flow with it, we can attain a level of tranquility, even in shared space, while traveling.


The enveloping installation imagines a primarily unaltered ecosystem and is assembled from a library of video walls, photo montages, lighting and sound system. The modular nature of the media elements allow this piece to not only fit a variety of room shapes and sizes but also integrate with existing architectural elements, such as windows and shelves. The repetitive harmonies of the sound design echo the contrast between the chaotic sound of the water fall, and the calmness of the river flowing.


Yonkers Artsfest, Yonkers NY, 2014

YOHO Annual Artists Showcase, Yonkers NY,  2013

School of Media Studies, The New School, New York NY, 2013

Transience Panels of videos, animations and photo-montages can be customized to the space; choices will calm or energize in the space.

Demo Sound The theme song meanders as a gentle giant, fast but not threatening in the monumental presence of the waterfalls, which blocks the outside ambience.


Sound design
Transience - Theme song
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Photo Panels

Olive and Popeye, 2 panels , © Diane Mitchell and Marko Gosar

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