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Sparkle 1, 3 panels © Diane Mitchell & Marko Gosar

Sparkle 1, 3 panels @ Diane Mitchell and Marko Gosar

Artists Statement

What attracts us to The Temperament of Space is the possibility of exploring new forms of interaction that challenge what it means to live in the world in an age that is highly influenced by current and emerging technologies. Through this project, which examines our relationship with our environments, we seek to explore new ways of connecting with others in shared spaces, and to foster new thoughts about the concept of belonging.

When you enter The Temperament of Space your state of mind may color your understanding of its dynamics. If you allow yourself to engage with its possibilities, you might leave feeling differently than when you arrived. Since the environment is in constant transition, it is always changing, and your visit is never the same.

The ambiance of The Temperament of Space is one of free association. If you are open to its promise, your sensory experience will be intensified. The Temperament of Space does not defend, or propose, but instead suggests and invites, a response. Encounter multimedia and interactions created to awaken perceptions and spark conversation. The engaging nature of the space perhaps even speaks to moods of enchantment.

The installations seek to energize our current environments by adding a sense of aliveness and richness to them. We have designed The Temperament of Space to be inviting and safe spaces. Tao is at the heart of the piece - here the flow of harmony between you, others, and the environment is the essence of what makes the space pleasant.

Inspired by the tradition of the scholars’ garden, The Temperament of Space accommodates self-reflection, self-perfection, and the need for dualities - to be social and to be alone. The installations are about being in the moment, and following the forces of yin and yang balancing life. Our installations investigate the creation of new digital environments that could hopefully fulfill our desires for being immersed, engaged and connected.

Research that informs The Temperament of Space framework has been conducted at both public and private events, for large and small audiences, in classrooms, galleries, conferences and community spaces. In the sections Process, Workshops, Colab, and Exhibits we have shared some memories. We would be delighted to share research methods or findings with you. Please contact us.

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