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Community engagement workshop
Ultrasonic sound player assembly
Arduino assembly for prototype
Testing proximity sensors
Sound interaction design
Individuality interaction prototype
Audio-visual control code
Setting up community event
Activities sketch
Exploring video projections
The design process

Collaboration is at the core of The Temperament of Space, and we learn more from each participatory workshop and prototype testing session. Members of the community drive the vision of the project and contribute their unique energy from brainstorms to prototypes to exhibitions.


We partner with local organization for engagement workshops, where we engage participants in discussion, hands-on experience and prototyping. Community members record imagery and sounds and design the flow and interplay of these elements. We join participants in developing ideas, producing media elements, and finally in assembling interactive installations.


Through the process of creating the event, community members investigate their environment and arrange visual and audio touch points to bring focus and energy to the chosen exhibit space. It is our hope that this shared mindfulness will generate new dialogues.


We work together user-friendly programming and low-cost, DIY materials, and test our ideas in fun, playful ways. We would be happy to have you join our ongoing design process.

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