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Storyboarding scenarios
Brainstorming interaction design
Mental models solo brainstorm
Kinetic Verse user journey
Kinetic Verse user journey (cont.)
Kinetic Verse prototype 1
Watching You user journey
Watching You prototype 1 interior
Watching You user journey (cont)
Watching You prototype 1 exterior
Co-lab: Experiments in Media Design

In this course, we develop a transdisciplinary, hands-on approach to mediating shared space with emergent media technology practices. We aim to create meaningful perceptual experiences for audiences in shared public spaces, such as airports, libraries, and government buildings. WIll those who patronize these venues feel calmer or energized? Will more meaningful social interactions occur?


Collaborators work with visualization, projection, soundscape, performance, and interaction design. After we research best practices to reach our audiences, we construct modular, portable, user-friendly, modifiable media interventions to test our ideas. 


The Temperament of Space was the theme of the Fall 2014 Co-lab: Experiments in Media Design course at The New School. Through affinity diagrams, sketching, and conducting design charrettes, collaborators developed interaction activities such as seen here in Kinetic Verse and Watching You. Each installation design focuses attention on our sensory reactions as we participate in cultural experiences.

“Kinectic verse” flip books. Interactive zone demo by Julia Pontecorvo, Jennifer June, Hugo Rojas, Tai Koga, Gustavo Alvarez, Shu Yu Lin

“Watching You” demo.Interactive installation by Diego Romero Montiel, Hyun Gou Jo, Parin Sarasin, Paula Castillo, Seulki Kim, Soohyun Park, Venna Resurrection

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