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The Individuaity artwork addresses visitors’ tendency to feel separate from the whole while in environments associated with anxiety, such as hospitals and rehab facilities. Loops of relaxing music accompany tranquil videos of islands projected onto hanging panels. The adventurous can activate humorous sound mixes and animated quirks through controls at each island, leading to feelings of calm and agency.

As one approaches each island, proximity sensors trigger audible and visible changes in the media elements. One will additionally be offered the opportunity to modulate the melody with effects controls. When multiple visitors interact with these distributed controls, they create stimulating mixes of the sound loops. As expected, the visuals also respond to these interventions with humorous and engaging animated quirks.


This installation offers respite, either through passive enjoyment or active distractions, to those waiting in a shared space. Our series of accompanying photo panels can extend this relaxing landscape to nearby hallways and atria.

Prototype Workshops

School of Media Studies, The New School, New York NY, 2016

Remix Festival, New York, NY 2014

School of Media Studies, The New School, New York NY, 2013

YOHO Annual Artists Showcase, Yonkers NY,  2013

Individuality A prototype of a multi-screen artwork to be installed in public spaces

Demo Sound The theme song, a labyrinth of calm and foreboding motifs, plays softly in the room. As a visitor approaches any island, the sound volume increases. Each station has unique audio effects, which one can add to the soundscape by turning a knob.

Sound design
Individuality - Theme song
00:00 / 00:00
Individuality effects - multiple participants
00:00 / 00:00
Individuality effects - single particpant
00:00 / 00:00
Photo Panels

Individuality,  4 panels , © Diane Mitchell and Marko Gosar

Additional Videos
Additional Videos

Individuality 1 Concept, The New School, New York NY, 2015

Individuality 2 walkthrough 2 School of Media Studies, 2017

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