The theme Curiosity is situated at the edge of constructed and natural space as represented here by the central image of the marble steps  descending into the waves of a harbor. It seeks to awaken memories of enchantment and moments of new pleasure. Learn more ...



The theme Individuality explores the paradox of our love of being in control and need for constant stimulation. The archipelago imagery expresses this mixture of isolation and excitement, inviting one to consider whether one can be alone and what this feels like. Learn more ...


The theme Transience is a place of time. The river is perceived as perpetual motion in a constant space, although water is always on its way somewhere. Immersion in the experience fosters fragmented memories. Is the most beloved the ephemeral? Learn more ...

The theme Challenge acknowledges friction is necessary to the creative process. Physicality meets immediacy. Anticipation of ascent. We cheerfully set ourselves Herculean tasks, not realizing until calamity threatens, that we have been stepping on precarious constructs. Learn more ...


The theme Sparkle invites us to be present. It celebrates happiness and joy of life; it is elegant and unstable.  We like to revisit these spaces where nature mesmerizes us with its twinkling spontaneity. Learn More ...



The theme Belonging draws us into the rhythm of community. We establish patterns and rituals in our lives. Connection to place creates security.  Learn about our first collaboration.


We are at a crossroads. Which way do we turn? The sublime and the mundane await us. In the theme Intensity we reflect on our fear of making wrong choices. Should I go or should I stay?  Learn More ...

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