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Step into the mythological landscape of Challenge. The artists’ recorded imagery of rocky landscapes on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia animates the projection mapped space. Through sensors, your footsteps trigger natural sounds similar to walking on glass and your gestures generate projected silhouettes. The experience is simultaneously exhilarating, mysterious, and hostile.


Challenge projection-mapping prototype


School of Media Studies, The New School, New York NY, 2013

Revisiting Arcadia, ArtsWestchester, White Plains, NY, 2015

Some installations have included a "rock carpet" which has Piezos embedded. Each piezo plays a "walking on glass" sound (recorded in the locale) each time the visitor steps on it.

Sound design
Challenge - Theme Song
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Photo Panels

Challenge, panels , © Diane Mitchell and Marko Gosar

Installation Videos

Challenge installation at ArtsWestchester Gallery, White Plains NY, 2015

Challenge movie shown at The New School, New York NY, 2014

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